Education Professionals: A Premier Buying or Selling Homes ProgramThis real estate program is dedicated to anyone in the teaching system who is looking to buy or sell a home in South Florida. My family includes a long line of teachers, and I understand what teaching encompasses. The desire to make a difference in a young person’s life, demands a level of commitment unlike most professional careers.

What Our Academic Buyer & Sellers Program OffersThis program was designed to make one of your life’s largest asset purchases as stress free as possible. Stress free begins with an agent who is educated, knows the market and listens to understand YOUR needs. Navigating the process of purchasing or selling a home is easier when you’ve been provided unbiased access to trustworthy vendors. I’ll work to partner you with dedicated loan officers who work tirelessly to qualify you for your desired loan amount in a timely manner. Unexpected surprises, like delayed loan commitments, within days of closing, are preventable stressors our program participants avoid, when buying or selling a home, in Port St Lucie to North Palm Beach County.

Who is this program designed for?This program is a way of giving back to not only teachers, but the professionals that are employed by the school board. After all, a school will not function without: cafeteria workers, maintenance workers, bus drivers, and office staff. These fields all come together for one purpose, to educate our children.

To that I say, Thank You for a job well done!

So here it is, I believe we should be givers in life and not takers.  As a result I am giving back at closing a check of $500 to any one that works in education I  represent in a real estate transaction.  There are a few lenders willing to credit back up to $500 as well.  That is up to $1,000 in savings during your transaction!