Homes For Healthcare Stat!! A Premier Home Buying and Selling Program 

This is your life…15 hour shifts, 5 days a week, physical exhaustion, mental exhaustion from not only the job, but the emotions carried home with you on a daily basis, as you see lives come and go, your days off are spent recuperating rather being able to provide quality time to your family. Your rising costs of benefits, your diligence in trying to stuff money in your 401K, your reward for doing a great job…your raise…which then puts you in a higher tax bracket to only bring home the same income as previous to the raise. The routine continues, knowing you have affected so many lives and continues in hopes to save just one more.

As a previous healthcare worker, this program is designed to save your life! The home buying and selling process is one of life’s most stressful endeavors. As a way of giving back, we have set up a real estate program for anyone in healthcare. This program is set up to make one of life’s largest asset purchases, as stress free as possible. You will have an agent by your side, from the start of the transaction, to the closing table…but wait…not just any agent…one that is educated, knows the market, and understands YOUR needs..not theirs. Vendors are set in motion to provide you with the quality service you deserve, to make your home buying or selling experience easy! Discounts are set in motion, for home buyers, as you have worked hard to save money for that American dream, your home purchase. Loan officers are available to qualify you for that loan, instead of, sitting on pins and needles, waiting 3 days prior to closing, to see if you can actually buy the home.

This program was designed to give back not only to nurses, but respiratory therapists, lab techs, radiology techs, hospital personnel, and anyone that works at a hospital or in a physicians office. It takes a team of all of these people to save one life! Without one group of people the other could not function. These fields all come together for one purpose, to save a life!

As an added bonus, you will receive $500 at closing, in addition some lenders have agreed to credit back to you the appraisal fee at closing.



This program is to thank you for your services!